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Wonder Food for Diabetes

Hello! Friends again after a long time I am here with another important & healthy topic Oats. It’s a wonder species of cereal grain grown for its seed. Oats is called as AnenaSativa a cereal commonly eaten in the form of oatmeal or rolled oats.Oats is used since long decades so have become very popular as HEALTH FOOD. Further we are going to see more facts & details about oats.

It is typically made of steel cut or chopped, or in different forms as rolled, crushed, or ground into fine flour or as breads & also as porridge. Oats has lower glycemic index. Oats can be used as oat milk substitutes. Oats are also widely used there as a thickener in soups, as barley or rice might be used in other.

1) Oats & Diabetes:
Oats are rich in fiber. Fiber helps in regualating blood sugar & has lower glycemic index that is 55 or lower. Oats also contains Beta glucans which can reduce glucose & insulin responses after meals. It improves insulin sensitvity. It has less amount of carbs. 1 cup of oats has approx 30 gm of carbs, which can fit into a healthy meal plan for people with diabetes. Steel cut oats are good for diabetics.

2) Oats and coronary artery disease Oats and oat-based products significantly reduce total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration.

2) Colorectal cancer:
Whole grains and cereals like oats are linked to a lower risk of colorectal cancer. Their findings were published in BMJ.

3) Blood pressure:
An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that a diet including plenty of whole-grains such as oats improves blood pressure.

4) Digestion and obesity According to scientific reviews published in the British Journal of Nutrition, oats may play an important role in improving satiety.

5) Antioxidants in oats helps keep skin protection

1) While preparing Oats do add cinnamon, nuts. As cinnamon & nuts may improve sensitivity to insulin & may help lower blood sugar.

2) Use steel cut oats. As steel cut oats have higher amount of fiber, which helps better regulation of blood sugar

3) One should use low fat milk.

4) Oats can be taken with Yoghurt, Curd.

Don’t s :
1) Don’t use packaged instant oats as it contains preservatives & sugar & salt. They also have less fiber.

2) Don’t add much of dried fruits as it can add on to your carbs & can spike your sugar levels. Be cautious with your portion sizes.

3) Don’t use cream, can use soymilk, low fat milk to make oat meal. Instant Oats or Ready Oats packet might spike sugar levels as they are loaded with sugar. If anyone suffering from diabetes and gastroparesis, the fiber in oat meal can slow the stomach emptying.

My recipe of Oats for Diabetes:

Pav Bhaji flavoured Oats Ingredients:
1) Oats 150 gm
2) Carrot 30 gm
3) French Beans 20 gm
4) Peas 10gm
5) Corriander leaves 5gm
6) Green chillies 5gm
7) Bell peppers
8) Tomato puree of 30gm
9) Onion 20 gm
10) Garlic 2-3 cloves
11)Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder
12) Pav bhaji Masala
13) Salt as per taste

1) Boil oats
2) In a pan take a tsp of oil.
3) Add mustard or cumin seeds in it.
4) Add garlic 2-4 cloves cut, then onion, peas & tomato puree & carrots to it.
5) Add all the spices & pav bhaji masala
6) Lastly add boiled oats to it.
7) Garnish it Coriander leaves.
8) Serve hot

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