Avanti Hospital

Survey on Employee satisfaction and feedback about the workplace

Survey Form
1. What department do you work in?
4. Work Environment
5. Job Content / Job Responsibilities
6. Relationship with immediate supervisor
7. Team work amongst your department
8. Work life balance
9. Working hours
10. Employee facilities
11. Overall satisfaction
12. I am satisfied with my opportunities for professional growth.
13. I am satisfied with the job-related training my organization offers.
14. I am inspired to meet my goals at work.
15. I feel completely involved in my work.
16.  I get excited about going to work.
17. In my organization, employees adapt quickly to difficult situations.
18. Employees in my organization take the initiative to help other employees when the need arises.
19. Employees here are willing to take on new tasks as needed.
20. Employees in my organization willingly accept change.
21. Communication between senior leaders and employees is good in my organization.
22. My supervisor and I have a good working relationship.
23. My coworkers and I have a good working relationship.
24. Senior management and employees trust each other.
25. Employees treat each other with respect.
26. I am satisfied with my overall compensation.
27. I am compensated fairly relative to my local market.
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