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Lifestyle Changes After Angioplasty (Best Angioplasty Hospital in Nagpur)

Updated: Aug 29

Best Angioplasty Hospital in Nagpur

When a heart artery gets blocked, angioplasty becomes a beacon of hope for many patients. By widening the narrowed or blocked artery, angioplasty can not only relieve chest pain but also improve heart function. However, the procedure is just the beginning. To ensure that the opened artery remains clear and to decrease the risk of future heart complications, embracing certain lifestyle changes becomes imperative.

Why is Angioplasty Done?

Angioplasty is performed to restore blood flow through the arteries, preventing the dire consequences of a heart attack. The procedure involves inflating a small balloon within the artery, often followed by the placement of a stent, to keep the artery open.

Avanti Hospital, recognized as the Best Angioplasty Hospital in Nagpur, has an unmatched reputation for its patient care, particularly in guiding patients through their post-angioplasty journey.

Lifestyle Changes After Angioplasty

Dietary Modifications: Adopt a heart-healthy diet. This involves:

· Limiting saturated fats and trans fats.

· Embracing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

· Reducing salt intake.

· Staying hydrated but moderating alcohol consumption.

Exercise Regularly: Initially, the physical activity might be limited. But gradually, with guidance from the medical team at Avanti, you can integrate moderate exercises like brisk walking, cycling, or swimming into your routine.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Combined with diet and exercise, aim for a healthy body mass index (BMI). This reduces strain on the heart and decreases cholesterol levels.

Quit Smoking: Smoking can constrict blood vessels, leading to further complications. If you're a smoker, it's time to quit. Avanti Hospital provides support and resources to help patients kick the habit.

Medication Adherence: Often, after angioplasty, medications are prescribed to reduce the risk of future blockages. It's crucial to take them as directed and not to stop without consulting your doctor.

Stress Management: Chronic stress can contribute to heart issues. Find stress-relieving techniques that work for you, be it meditation, yoga, or simply reading a book.

Regular Medical Check-ups: Routine check-ups, especially at premier facilities like Avanti Hospital, will ensure that you remain on the right track. Any potential issues can be identified and addressed early.

Why Choose Avanti Hospital for Your Cardiac Care?

As the Best Angioplasty Hospital in Nagpur, Avanti Hospital not only provides top-notch medical care during the procedure but also ensures that patients are equipped with all the tools they need for a successful recovery and a healthier future. Their dedicated team of specialists ensures every patient gets personalized advice and support throughout their cardiac journey.

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