List of Equipments in Pathology

Sr. No Name of EquipmentQuntity
1 Clinitek 50 Urine Chemistry Analyzer – for Urine Analysis 01
2 CL Analyzer– For routine coagulation studies 01
3Siemens RXL Max for Bio Chemistry Analyzers01
4ABX Micros 60 Hematology Cell Counter – Fully automated Hematology analyzer for Complete Blood Counts (CBC) from Horiba 01
5Pentra Es 60 Hematology cell counter 01
6Vidas PC Blue fully Automated Immunoasay Analyzer from Horiba for Hormones 01
7Radiometer ABL 800 ABG Machine-For ABG tests 01
8Mispa I 2 from AGAPPE- Semi automatic Nephlometer 01
9Sysmex CA 600 01
10Microlab 300 (Microchemistry Analyzer) 01
11Robonic Insulin 01

List of Ultrasound Machines

Sr. No Name of EquipmentQuntity
1 Philips Epiq 7C 01
2 Philips CX 50
3 GE Voluson S 601
4GE Voluson E 601
5Sonosite Edge II 01
Philips Affiniti 50

List of Ventilator

Sr. No Name of DepartmentName of EquipmentQuantity
1CARDIAC OT Drager Fabious Plus 01

Drager Savina03
2ICCU Maquet Servo S02
Drager Savin02
NIV Machines05
3THORAX 2ND OT Drager Fabious Plus02
4E-WING01 NIV Machine 01