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Best Radiology Hospital in Nagpur

Digital Radiology Services


Avanti Hospital Best Radiology Hospital in Nagpur. Digital Fuji CR machine with PACS connectivity throughout the hospital, Siemens Multimobile 2.5 machine is used for routine X-rays and for bedside X-rays in ICCU & SICU. Vision 100 MA is used for mobile and static X-rays. Services of X-ray technicians are available round the clock.


Other than that we also offer:

  • Ultra Sonography

  • Echocardiography


Pathology is equipped with heart diagnostic tools and runs round the clock with experienced technicians and pathologist.

Routine Investigations : Routine Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Electrolytes by ISE, Coagulation Studies.

Special Investigations : HIV, Tuberculin Test, Australia Antigen, etc


Pathology department is equipped with the following latest machines

  1. Siemens RXL Max Biochemistry Analyzer

  2. Hemostar XF 1.0 (PT/APTT)

  3. Microlab 300 (Semi Biochemistry)

  4. ABX Micros 60 Haematology Cell Counter

  5. Yumizen H550 Haematology

  6. Vidas PC Blue fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer

  7. Radiometer ABL 800 ABG Machine.

  8. Mispa I 2 from AGAPPE- Semi automatic Nephelometer.

  9. Bio safety Cabinet for routine Microbiology

  10. ELISA Reader

  11. Microlab 300 Biochemistry Analyzer

  12. Robonik Elisa Analyzer

  13. Chroma II Hormone and Immunoassay Analyzer

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